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Prevent reputation damage and fines

A data breach in which sensitive information such as personal data or intellectual property is leaked leads to costly reputation damage and high fines. Storro offers unparalleled security and privacy.

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Bescherming tegen reputatieschade en boetes


Increase productivity

By being able to do more in less time, you have a shorter time-to-market and you will achieve increased growth in turnover.

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Hoge productiviteit door snelheid en beschikbaarheid van documenten


Save on IT and security costs

Storro is the solution for secure file storage and collaboration in the cloud. You immediately save on the purchase and maintenance of equipment, unburden your IT department and you will no longer be faced with unpleasant surprises when it comes to costs and protection of your data.

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Schaalbare dataopslag


Prevent theft and ransomware

Digital capital can be stolen in a hack, or lost through file deletion or corruption (accidentally or intentionally). Storro protects against a range of cyber-attacks and ensures that your files and historical changes are not lost through continuous backup and revision control.

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Geavanceerde versleuteling van bestanden

Ease of use

Increase job satisfaction

The ease and speed of Storro prevent IT frustrations and lead to more peace-of-mind. This way you can stay focused on your work.

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Gemakkelijk in gebruik


Never worry about the security of your files again