Increase productivity and throughput

By being able to do more with fewer hands, you have a shorter time-to-market and you can realize growth in sales and turnover. We do this by, among other things:

  • Simple, secure file sharing
  • Higher safety, fewer actions
  • Maximum speed, minimum latency
  • Working without limits

Simple, secure file sharing

In two clicks you can set up a secure shared folder to securely share files with designated colleagues, customers and partners. All documents shared herein are automatically encrypted with unique keys that only your designated contacts hold. This prevents unauthorized access and so your information is also protected on the part of the recipient(s), regardless of the security measures taken here. Rights management and any changes that take place are also transparently and indisputably recorded to prevent abuse. You can easily invite external users to Storro on a guest license, which you revoke after termination of the collaboration. You can also easily generate a download link for contacts that do not work with Storro.

Higher safety, fewer actions

All files in Storro are automatically encrypted and encrypted when exchanged with your contacts in the collaboration environment. In combination with, among other things, automatic upload and download of changes to files and instant backups, you perform about 50% fewer actions to work together safely. This results in considerably more focus on your work. 

Maximum speed, minimum latency

By opening files locally, you write with 700Mbps and read with 2600Mbps. In addition, upload/download is >400Mbps and data particles can be downloaded from multiple locations for extra speed. On top, the Storro technology requires only changes in files (delta’s) to be synchronized and not the entire file. As a result bandwidth usage is lower and synchronisation speeds are much higher. Because only changes (deltas) need to be synchronized, your overhead is also much lower. Storro offers superior file editing performance by allowing its users to work on files locally and synchronize in the background with the cloud, colleagues or partners.

Working without limits

Storro has no limits on file size, data traffic, amount of files or folders you wish to share with contacts within your available space. As a result, Storro is widely used for media and design, for example. And if you need more storage space, you can scale up with a few clicks.


Never worry about the security of your files again