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Work as you are used to, but safely.


Save and share files with full control

Storro is an award-winning application to securely store and share files. Regardless of the file format, content type or size.

Storro creates a virtual hard drive on your system where you can access, edit and store files securely. This allows you to work from the File explorer of your PC, as you are used to. All files you store in Storro are automatically encrypted and then synced to the cloud. Changes to shared folders are automatically and immediately shared with the colleagues, customers or partners you have authorized to do so.


Security and privacy by design

Each file is automatically encrypted, client side, with locally generated keys. Combined with Storro’s private blockchain technology, you can rest assured that your data will only end up in the hands of those for whom it is intended.

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Geavanceerde versleuteling van bestanden


Developed for performance

Storro is designed to perform. Due to its unique design and technology, it offers superior performance in both synchronization and file editing.

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Hoge prestaties van de software

  • Edit and encrypt files locally

    An application for Windows, Mac, and Linux to edit and encrypt files locally

  • Ransomware protection

    Changes are ‘append only’ so the consequences of a ransomware attack can be undone

  • Audit trails and unlimited revision management

    Audit trails (recorded in a private blockchain) with unlimited reversion to previous versions of files

  • Very fast synchronization

    Very fast upload and download speeds of your company files

  • Instant backup

    Instant backup of changes with the cloud and synchronisation with collaboration partners

  • AVG/GDPR ready technology

    Personal data in your files is always encrypted and unreadable for unauthorized persons

Secure storage space


With multiple licenses, storage is aggregated at the company account level.

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