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Dissatisfaction with the speed of ICT systems is a common complaint among employees. And the cloud transition is partly to blame for this. The dependence on connectivity has further increased, and where operations on large data sets or files still went well when working locally, the same operation in the cloud causes frustrating latency.

With Storro, all operations are performed locally and synchronized in the background with the cloud and your collaboration partners. Our software optimizes the speed of writing, synchronization, encryption and decryption. All with unprecedented data security and privacy.

Local read

0 Mbps

Local write

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With Storro you have the speed of working locally
with the scalability of the cloud

How Storro works

Storro offers superior network performance by cutting files into small chunks that are then spread across different locations. The storage can be done 100% in the cloud, but also with peers and/or locally on your device. And because everything is encrypted first, your information is also secure and private.

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Superior network performance due to:

Simultaneous downloads

Faster speeds are achieved by downloading from multiple locations simultaneously.

Smart synchronization

Only affected data chunks need to be synchronized when a file changes.

Data streaming

You do not have to download large video files completely; you stream immediately, only what you want to see.

Resume after interruption

Uploading/downloading resumes normally after an interruption; sent chunks do not have to be resend.

Small overhead

Data is first sourced in the local network for lower latency and lower demand of the internet bandwidth.

Working offline

Even without an internet connection, e.g. when traveling, you can continue working simply by making a file available offline.

Superior performance in data processing

Due to the unique design of the application, Storro provides high performance on data processing:

Native application

Installed application for Windows, Linux or Mac provides local operations on data and background sync with the cloud and/or partners.


Multi-threaded network synchronization as well as local read and write operations are performed in parallel, even within a single file.

C++ code

Storro is written in C ++, a programming language designed for speed. In addition, we use high performance crypto.

Its high network performance as well as local data processing capabilities makes Storro very suitable for working with large files, for example in graphic design, media, architecture and engineering drawing.

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ISO 27001

Data is stored distributed over ISO27001 certified datacentres in the Netherlands.

Storro is a member of the Hague Security Delta.

Storro has received the H2020 seal of excellence by the European Commission.

ISO 27001

3rd parties get neither complete nor readable data, guaranteeing the privacy.