Strengthen your image and increase productivity

With Storro you truly work safely and lightning fast from anywhere with colleagues and customers.

Storro is the most secure way to store files and collaborate in the cloud


Prevents data leaks

and subsequent costly reputation damage and fines


Protects against ransomware

and the loss of business-critical documents and IP


Increases productivity

due to high synchronization speeds and easily working safe remotely

Anytime, anywhere with anyone

Work safely in the cloud

The internationally award-winning software application provides automatic end-to-end encryption of all your files. And in no time you share this completely private with the right people: the cloud made secure.

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Samenwerken altijd, overal, met iedereen

As you are used to

Intuitive to use

Just keep working in your familiar folder structure with Storo Drive. Or use Storro Web. Work they way your are used to, but safely. With infinite revision management, unlimited syncing and easy quickshare for external contacts.

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Productivity for you and your team

Storro is designed for performance. Due to its unique design and technology, it offers superior performance in both synchronization and file editing.

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Hoge productiviteit door snelheid en beschikbaarheid van documenten


Never worry about the security of your files again