Secure Collaboration

To get the job done, one must collaborate with colleagues and external parties. This should of course go fast and easy, but not at the expense of security and privacy.

Storro is a peer-to-peer, blockchain application that allows you to easily create secure collaboration spaces. What’s unique is that your shared data is not stored in a cloud at some third party or with us, but is physically distributed over project members you designate.

Combined with automatic end-to-end encryption, unlimited syncing and continue working in your familiar folder structure, Storro gives you all the freedom and security you need.







Coming soon: Storro Storage!

All your files automatically encrypted, cut into small pieces and stored spread out over multiple cloud storage providers. This way third parties can only obtain data that is neither complete nor readable.

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Security by design sets Storro apart

With Storro, all your files are highly secure thanks to the unique combination of encryption, compartmentalization and decentralization.

More on Storro’s technology
We use Storro as a simple and safe alternative to e-mail when exchanging files with external parties. We chose Storro because of the pleasant user interface, easy scalability, limited dependency on an infrastructure and cost-saving on part of our IT solutions.
Marcel Boekhorst, CEO Signum Interfocus
For projects at clients, I use both my own Office365 cloud and Storro. With Storro I have more control over the storage location of sensitive documents. I know exactly where these documents are stored securely, namely at workplaces that I myself authorize. And I no longer need to use unsecured email. Storro arranges this for you. Great!
Rien Bosma, Bosma Consulting
We use Storro for our projects with external partners, and it exceeds all expectations. The members of the various projects can work together seamlessly on the various files that are needed for our projects, we keep control over the versions and can see exactly which changes have been made.
Gerben Klein Baltink, CEO Trefecta Mobility
Because we do not want to give away our business plan and research data, we were looking for software that keeps our data safe. Almost all ‘free’ cloud providers have their terms and conditions that they may use your data; something we do not want. After a long search we found Storro, and it feels good to have a supplier that offers good support.
Michel Modderkolk, CEO UPWEGO

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