Preventing ransomware, locally and in the cloud

If you are looking for the best protection against ransomware (ransomware), Storro is the right place for you.

Storro offers you:

  • Unrivaled protection of files, both on-premises and in the cloud
  • Effective prevention against a range of threats (ransomware, DDoS, data breaches, etc.)
  • Protection of shared folders and files with colleagues and externals
  • Easy installation, centrally by IT or locally by individual employees


A growing danger

Every day, no fewer than 500,000 (!) new types of malware are added online, including a lot of ransomware. Attackers are increasingly targeting companies because an incident can have enormous consequences for continuity, making the willingness to pay here relatively high. In addition, attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. For example, by first silently infecting your backups before manifesting itself. Traditional security solutions alone is clearly not sufficient.

Fortunately, Storro offers your employees and you unique protection against ransomware.

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Solution against ransomware

Storro is a desktop application for secure data storage and confidential collaboration.

It protects your organization against ransomware by unequivocally recording every change to a file, by you or authorized contacts, in a private blockchain audit trail. This is a log that keeps track of exactly who did what. Because this log is append only due to blockchain technology, only changes can be added; nothing in the version history can be changed.

With Storro’s Revision Management you can easily go back to any previous state of such a file or folder.


The best protection against ransomware

Simply put, what ransomware does is encrypt your files with a key you don’t own, making them unreadable to you. If this happens to your data in Storro, the ransomware will create a new (unreadable) version of your files. Normally you can’t do anything with the data now, but Storro’s immutable chain of file versions allows you to go back to a previous version that was not encrypted by the ransomware in a few clicks. This way, your employees and you will not lose any work and you can continue working immediately.

If the ransomware locks your PC completely, you will get access to all your shared data again with a unique recovery code on a new/clean computer. In this way, Storro offers unparalleled protection against ransomware attacks, and many more threats including DDos, Man-in-the-Middle, keyloggers and other forms than unauthorized access and data loss.

More benefits of Storro

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