Safeguard the confidentiality of your data and that of your clients

With Storro you truly work safely and easily in the cloud from anywhere.

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  • Work securely in the cloud anywhere

    With Storro you have secure access to the confidential data of your clients anywhere

  • Prevent data leaks

    Do not leak confidential files with automatic end-to-end encryption from Storro

  • Easily securely share and retrieve files

    Easily create a secure download or upload link for your clients

Storro for financial services

Protect client trust

Storro is a total solution for the secure storage of and collaboration on files in the cloud. In two clicks, a secure shared folder can be set up to collaborate confidentially with designated colleagues, clients and partners. Access to client files and other confidential documents can thus be arranged granularly and on a need-to-know basis within your office.

And thanks to Storro’s blockchain-based audit trail, you have a full log of all changes and granted access rights.

All personal data encrypted

GDLR compliance

Storro is an intuitive internationally award-winning application developed from a cybersecurity point of view. With Storro, all files are encrypted locally – on the user’s laptop/desktop – and then securely synced to the cloud. Even if a laptop is lost or stolen, no readable data is leaked.

Link shares and File requests

Safely share and retrieve financial documents

Easily create a secure download link for a file or folder within Storro when you want to share financial documents with a client. Only the person you share with will have access to it, no one els (not even Storro company). In addition, you remain in control of every download link created and you can revoke download links at any time or enforce additional security policies such as download limits, expiration dates and password protection.

It is also possible to create and send an upload link. This gives your client the opportunity to provide files in a secure manner.

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Accountants, belastingadviseurs, en administratieve dienstverleners... wees zuinig op gegevens van uzelf en uw klanten!

Oproep van DTC, SRA, DOCCO, FullFinance, NOAB, RB, NOVAK, Fiscount9 juni 2021Lees de oproep

Security by design

Safe and trusted collaboration

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Zero knowledge system
  • EU based storage location
  • Admin dashboard
  • Logging
  • Policy & controls
  • Remote wipe
  • GDPR Ready
  • Web(link) download shares
  • Web(link) upload requests
  • Unlimited file size
  • Custom branding
  • Share with guest users
  • Unlimited version control
  • Recent changes overview
  • Selective sync
  • Storro Drive
  • Windows, MacOS and Linux supported
  • Browser-based access
  • Multi-device
  • 2-step verification
  • Restore document
  • Offline access

Gemoedsrust. Uw gegevens en die van uw klanten beschermd met Storro.