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Why Storro

Working life is dynamic; but wherever you are, you need your files there to collaborate.

The cloud seems to be the answer, but the disadvantage is that you have no idea where your data is stored exactly, and who goes through your files…

If you do want to be certain that your files only come into the hands of those for whom they are intended, then there is Storro.

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What is Storro

Storro is a peer-to-peer, Blockchain application that lets you safely store and share files, without the cloud.

With a few mouse clicks you easily create secure spaces to collaborate with colleagues and external parties. Only you pick the physical locations where the data is placed. And the best part is just you and the people you authorize have access, and no one else. Not even us!


How Storro works

Storro offers unprecedented protection and privacy through a combination of encryption, compartmentalisation and decentralisation. What this means is that Storro puts your file into a safe, cuts the safe into pieces and then stores the fragments spread out over locations you trust. For instance on the devices of you and your team members.

Technical information

Continue working the way you want

Next to being private and secure, Storro is also incredibly easy to use. For example, you can continue working with your system’s familiar folder structure.

And when you open the application, you immediately have an overview of your projects, your shared files and the project members that have access to them.

Revision control

With Storro you are in control