Increase your productivity and prevent the loss of creative capital

With Storro you truely work together safely and cost-effectively from any location.

  • Instantly increases employee productivity
  • Prevents loss of designs and creative labor through unlimited revision management and instant backups
  • Automatically protects against hackers and ransomware attacks
  • Saves on IT costs and effort
  • Increases employee and customer satisfaction

Storro for graphic designers

Work faster and safer

Uploading and downloading large design and graphic files takes time and bandwidth. This makes collaboration in the cloud less smooth and delaying backups increases the chance of losing creative capital.

Storro is an intuitive internationally award-winning desktop application that increases the upload and download speeds of large files stored in the cloud. Storro creates continuous backups that prevent the loss of design hours. The end-to-end encryption protects your files from attacks and hackers.

With Storro, your team can do more in less time, you will immediately save on IT costs and your reputation and continuity are guaranteed. Colleagues and customers work together more pleasantly.

We chose Storro because of no limitations in storage space, the security aspect and the speed with which we can work.

Bram LucasOperational directorTeam Nijhuis


Never worry about the security of your files again