Security and privacy by design

Because the security of your data must be intrinsic.

Storro is the most secure way to store files and collaborate in the cloud





Corporate security policies

Admin control on security

Create access controls and set policies with just a few clicks.

  • Manage user rights and permissions from the Admin dashboard
  • Set and manage corporate policies for remote file sharing
  • Meet audit requirements with advanced data access logging
  • Remote Wipe, Enforce 2FA, and more…

End-to-end encrypted

Zero-knowledge platform

Storro provides zero-knowledge encryption. All private keys are generated locally, stored only locally, and are owned solely by the file owner(s). No one else has access to the keys or the files, not even Storro BV.

Zero-knowledge encryption means that no one (not even your IT service providers) can access your secured data except you. To do this, all files must be encrypted immediately ‘at the source’: on the user’s device. This level of security is in sharp contrast to many of the currently available cloud applications and cloud services offered for (online) collaboration. In those cases, the cryptographic keys are in the hands of the file owner(s) and a third party: the service provider. As a result, this third party has access to your “encrypted” files.

In addition, with third-party providers, the keys are centrally stored at their location, making it a very interesting target for hackers and malicious actors: with a single hack, a hacker can gain access to countless documents and files.

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Toepassing van blockchain technologie


Robust encryption algorithms

The digital security of your files is our highest priority. That is why Storro uses proven and very robust encryption algorithms.

Our cryptography is used on three levels:

  • end-to-end secure connections between devices
  • encryption of all files
  • cryptographic enforcement of user rights management.

The basic cryptographic algorithms that Storro uses are:

  • XSalsa20 for all symmetric encryption
  • Curve25519 for all asymmetric encryption

These algorithms have no known weaknesses. They have relatively simple specifications with no unexplained constants. The algorithms all work in constant time and have fixed memory access patterns. This makes them immune to side-channel attacks, for example, a vulnerability of regular AES implementations.

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Logging and revision management

Blockchain based audit trail

Storro has a blockchain-based audit trail of every collaboration environment. Every change to a file, inviting a new member, creating a new subfolder, and all other actions in a collaboration environment are thus unequivocally recorded.

Moreover, thanks to Storro’s built-in revision management, you can easily revert to any previous version of files based on this crypto chain. There is no limit to how far you can go back in history.

Never worry about the security of your files again