Secure file sharing

If you’re looking for the best file sharing protection, Storro is the right place for you.

Storro offers you

  • Unparalleled file security, both for you and your contact(s)
  • Unlimited file size and no limit on the number of shared files or external contacts
  • Automatic synchronization of changes
  • Faster speeds than other cloud solutions
  • Just work in the file explorer as you are used to

Online file sharing

Safe and private

You want to share files easily and quickly with colleagues, customers and suppliers. But given the confidential nature of the information, it should be secure and private. Standard online exchange solutions leave a lot to be desired in this area: where is your information? Who all has access? And what about protection against data breaches?

With Storro you can safely exchange files with your contacts, it is also protected at the recipient(s) and collaboration on the files is even faster.

Samenwerken altijd, overal, met iedereen

Storro the solution

For secure file sharing

Storro is a desktop application for secure data storage and confidential collaboration.

By automatically encrypting, compartmentalizing and storing the files at European data centers, no unauthorized party gets readable or even complete information. In this way you only determine who has access, and with what rights. The information is also stored encrypted on the systems of the recipients, so that it is also protected there.

When changes are made to a file, by you or one of your authorized contacts, updates are immediately synchronized. This way everyone always has the latest information. And because editing takes place locally, you enjoy unprecedented speeds, even with very large files.

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When purchasing a Storro license, 500GB of online storage space is included in your license and you can share files with external contacts without limits. If you purchase subscriptions for several employees, the free storage space is added together for extra flexibility.

Installation of the Storro application is simple and you and your employees will continue to work from the file explorer.

More benefits of Storro

What makes Storro the best solution to exchange (confidential) files:


  • No limits

    No limits on file size, amount of files or folders you wish to share with contacts.

  • Files encrypted automatically

    Your files are automatically encrypted with keys generated on your device itself and never leave the device. We don’t have a copy either.

  • Speed and scalability

    By being able to download data from multiple locations, the speeds are higher and the scalability is endless.

  • True privacy

    By shredding and distributing the encrypted files, no external location/party gets any readable or even complete information.

  • Local file operations

    By loading files locally, edits are super fast. And the synchronization with colleagues is automatic, in the background, so you can continue working.

  • Rights management

    Rights management is cryptographically enforced against manipulation.

  • Smart sync

    By only synchronizing the deltas (changes made to a file), your connection bandwidth requirements are lower and synchronisation of files much faster.

  • Ransomware protection

    With its unique technology, Storro protects against attacks such as DDOS, phishing, man-in-the-middle, ransomware and more.

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