Increase job satisfaction

The ease and speed of Storro prevents IT frustrations and leads to more peace-of-mind. This way you can focus on your work without being hindered by side issues. We do this by, among other things:

  • Backup always up to date
  • Simple internal and external collaboration
  • No worries about cyber attacks cyber
  • More flexibility in the operation
  • Higher uptime

Backup always up to date

Every change in a document in Storro is immediately synchronized with the different locations in Europe where your information is stored. If your computer suddenly crashes or gets stolen, you don’t have to worry about lost work. With Storro, your backup is always up to date.

Simple internal and external collaboration

In two clicks you can set up a secure collaboration environment for colleagues, partners and customers in which you can exchange files immediately. Simply invite external users as well on a (free) guest license that you can revoke at any time. And for contacts without Storro, you can generate a download link in no time at all.

No worries about cyber attacks

Changes in Storro are automatically, irrevocably recorded in a blockchain-based audit trail. In combination with unlimited revision control, instant backup and the distributed data architecture, you are protected against continuity threats such as data loss, ransomware, DDoS attacks, etc.

This way you will never lose information again and your team can continue at all times.

More flexibility in the operation

With your files in the cloud, you no longer have high investments (and depreciation) on your own hardware. And because Storro runs on any desktop or laptop with Windows, MacOS or Linux, it gives your staff the freedom to work with their operating system of choice.

Higher uptime

Our distributed cloud infrastructure has 99.9% uptime, and you can manually mark files or entire folders for offline availability as well. This way you can still access your documents while travelling without internet, and you can still collaborate directly with colleagues via LAN if the connection at the office is lost.


Never worry about the security of your files again