Storro 1.7.1

  • Fixed: Slow file permission checking for Windows
    Fixed: Deadlock in MountableHistory

Storro 1.7.0

  • Added: Single cloud storage support for Amazon S3 or OpenStack Swift.
    Added: Partial sync (mark files that you want to keep locally cached).
    Added: Streaming files while they are downloaded.
    Changed: More natural gui scrolling.
    Changed: Gui material design upgrade.
    Fixed: Major performance upgrade for project joining.
    Fixed: Gui Scrollbar bug.
    Fixed: Writing to files while cleaning.
    Fixed: Various bug fixes and performance upgrades.

Storro 1.6.0

  • Changed: Mid stream write performance (faster writes for MS Office documents).
  • Changed: Smarter and faster data synchronization (sync refactor).
  • Added: Lazy version history loading (using lowest single common ancestor).
  • Added: Yellow avatar indicator when not in sync.
  • Added: Better merging performance.
  • Fixed: No duplicate data chunk downloads (sync refactor).
  • Fixed: Synchronization crashes.
  • Fixed: Writing and flushing the kvs before updating the headlog.
  • Fixed: Various bugfixes.

Storro 1.5.0

  • Changed: A new project download backend.
  • Changed: Better diff summaries on large changes.
  • Changed: Faster blockchain lookups.
  • Added: The distribution service.
  • Added: Sharing files with a quick share link.
  • Added: A gui file browser of the current state.
  • Added: Clicking diff messages shows the file/dir in your file browser.
  • Fixed: Show license bar button.
  • Fixed: Change password window dimensions.
  • Fixed: Various bugfixes.

Storro 1.4.1

  • Added: Proxy support for Networking
  • Fixed: Window resizing crash on Windows
  • Fixed: Facilitator merging crash
  • Fixed: Http connections failure

Storro 1.4.0

  • Added: Support for mounting as a WebDav drive (this doesn’t require system admin permission anymore).
  • Added: Facilitators can join invited project members into the project.
  • Added: A panel for managing your mount preferences.
  • Added: Search for projects with CTRL+F in the projects list.
  • Fixed: Windows edge case private key load error when changing the Windows password.
  • Fixed: Crash on synchronization failure for Facilitators.
  • Fixed: Non responding project invitations.
  • Fixed: Hanging synchronization.
  • Fixed: Crash on shutdown.
  • Fixed: Various bugfixes.
  • Changed: License group members can’t see who is in the group.
  • Changed: Warming up the project caches in the background.
  • Changed: More performance when starting and using Storro.
  • Changed: Invitation replies are done sequentially.
  • Changed: Better invitation feedback in the Gui.
  • Changed: Revision control gui design update.
  • Changed: Renamed teams to license groups.

Storro 1.3.0

  • Changed: An updated synchronization manager which is more correct with better performance.
  • Changed: Update CBFS for Windows to version 6.
  • Changed: Alternative (and better) method to refresh the OSX Finder.
  • Changed: Performance updates while synchronizing and merging projects.
  • Changed: Performance updates on startup.
  • Fixed: Gui hang on synchronization merge.
  • Fixed: Non responding email invitation.
  • Fixed: Revision control version directory mixup
  • Fixed: SystemNotification crash fix
  • Fixed: Initial avatar was overwritten by an empty one.
  • Fixed: Fixed too strict ACL merging bug which lead to unmergable project versions.
  • Fixed: Various bugfixes.

Storro 1.2.0

  • Changed: Better Fuse shutdown on Linux and Mac.
  • Changed: Quit the currently running Storro on Windows while installing a newer version.
  • Changed: Better feedback on Mac if the fuse driver could not be installed.
  • Fixed: Windows installer sets correct firewall permissions.
  • Fixed: A crash in the gui while loading versions.
  • Fixed: Crash on disconnecting from a peer we are still synchronizing with
  • Fixed: A merging bug that caused older Storros to conflict with newer Storros in the same project.
  • Fixed: A bug in the comparison of metadata trees.
  • Fixed: Don’t run Storro after Windows installer when the installer is ran as admin.

Storro 1.1.1

  • Changed: New version of ForestDb.
  • Changed: Updated OsxFuse from 3.5.2 to 3.7.1. High Sierra support.
  • Fixed: Osx fix for roling hashes.
  • Fixed: Linux unmounting hanging fix.
  • Fixed: Windows installer firewall message fix.
  • Fixed: Quit the currently running Storro when installing a new one.
  • Fixed: Re-enable opening the Mountable history files.
  • Fixed: Fix for threading issue after installing the OSXFuse driver.

Storro 1.1.0

  • Changed: Version numbering scheme.
  • Added: Password protection on the private key.
  • Added: Running Storro in ‘portable’ mode.
  • Added: Upload and download speed indicator.
  • Added: Gui feedback for fatal problems.
  • Added: Crash report minidumps for Windows.
  • Added: A crash report window.
  • Added: Go to log file location button in the gui.
  • Added: Changing the default storage path for projects.
  • Added: Moving existing projects’ storage path.
  • Added: Starting Storro right after the Windows installer.
  • Fixed: ‘Unknown identity’ as author for merges fix.
  • Fixed: More project remove feedback by having no project selected after removal.
  • Fixed: User database compaction.
  • Fixed: Better threading model leading to less thread related crashes.
  • Fixed: Startup performance.
  • Fixed: A fix for two peers pingponging if they try to get an acl identity where they both don’t know the other is in.
  • Fixed: Not showing a message for creating a new project when deleting a file on Windows.
  • Fixed: Observer in team is not suggested for joining project automatically.
  • Changed: Asynchronous loading of projects.

Storro 1.0.7

  • Added: A central license overview page in the gui.
  • Added: Be able to have a trial period of 30 days in exchange for a phone number.
  • Added: UDP hole punching.
  • Fixed: Gui fix for show the account window from the menu.
  • Fixed: Race condition where a mounted project is not updated correctly.
  • Fixed: Better diff calculations.
  • Fixed: A Storro drive for every Storro jail on OSX.
  • Fixed: No more ‘Unknown content change’ project versions.
  • Fixed: Be able to accept an email invite after you have been kicked from a project.
  • Fixed: Files could accidentally (in some Unix file browsers) show up as directories.
  • Changed: A renewed directory tree infrastructure for better performance and future compatibility.
  • Changed: Disable the history folder by default. It is too heavy at the moment.
  • Better testability and being able to have different flavors of Storro.
  • More performance in version merging and version loading.
  • Lazy gui dialog loading for better performance.
  • More automated tests.
  • Various bugfixes.

Storro 1.0.6

  • Added Windows 32-bit support (previously only 64-bit).
  • Added hidden .storrohistory folder.
  • Added UDP support.
  • Added -nomount option.
  • Added the invitation type (Project or Team) in the gui.
  • Fixed: Deadlock when multiple threads are performing Mountable operations.
  • Fixed: Keepass tempfile fix.
  • Fixed: Crash in Facilitator synchronization.
  • Fixed: Project count on member invitations.
  • Fixed: Leave button clickable in facilitator projects.
  • Fixed: .directory ignored file for browsing under Dolphin.
  • Fixed: More Word temp file filters.
  • Various bugfixes.

Storro 1.0.5

  • Added Linux support in the form of a Debian package. The Linux reference system is Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit. Storro requires Qt 5.5.1, and uses DBus’s secret service as a keychain backend for all device private keys. Having success or trouble running on other Linux distributions? Please let us know.
  • We have improved the synchronization backend. This should improve speed on all connections. This effect is most pronounced on connections with high latency.
  • Added a terms and conditions agreement screen.
  • The invitation dialog features a role description in the role combobox.
  • Better virtual machine GUI support.
  • Improved the application mutex preventing multiple instances from running using the same data path.
  • Added an About dialog.
  • Changed: Kicked members now get sent only a partial access control list for updating their status. Only the part of the user tree that is needed to resolve the user’s status update is sent.
  • Changed: Member search dialog is now case insensitive.
  • Fixed: Black screen fix OSX when Storro runs fullscreen.
  • Fixed: Better AccessControl list synchronization and merging.
  • Fixed: Grayed out projects animation fix.
  • Fixed: Fuse threading fixes that caused sporadic crashes.
  • Fixed: Patched a security vulnerability discovered by internal auditing.
  • Fixed: Implemented a workaround for ForestDB’s autocommit bug.
  • Fixed: Opening large project databases on Win64 did not work correctly.
  • Fixed: Team synchronization and license server team synchronization fix.
  • Fixed: Multiple fixes in the invitation and acceptance process.
  • Fixed: Storro now reports correct disk usage per project.
  • Fixed: Synchronization stability fixes.

Storro 1.0.4

  • Fix: Rejoin a project from Facilitator to Observer+ stays encrypted.
  • Fix: Circular Sync progress bar in dashboard is hanging when the remote has gone offline.
  • Fix: Sync crash fix. #693
  • Changed download button icon and text in version update toolbar.
  • License server type fix
  • Fix: License almost expired fix. #669
  • Be able to order a custom amount of license seats.
  • Fix: Various peer project synchronization fixes. #690
  • Redesign of Storro emails.
  • Fix: Don’t unmount projects you are not a member of.
  • Fix: Disable restore buttons in revision control if you are not allowed to change files.

Storro 1.0.3

  • Fix: Project removal and rejoin fix (dangling kvs pointer fix).
  • Fix: AccessControl cleanup and fix.
  • Fix: Storro doesn’t skip the first run registration for anymore.
  • Fix: Team and project invitations reach the remote directly.
  • NetworkHashUuid consistency