Storro, secure sharing made easy.

Security and privacy by design

Because the protection of your data should be intrinsic

When it comes to the security and privacy of your data, we believe protection must be intrinsic; Inherently present in each component, and built for that purpose. Storro’s components are designed to be non-critical and highly resilient, with security that exceeds encryption.

We do this through encryption, compartmentalization, decentralization and other techniques. The encryption is of the highest standards of course.

So you can rest assured your data only comes into the hands of those for whom it is intended.

Under the hood



Every Storro project has its own blockchain with the version parent hash(es) enclosed in the signatures of each version, creating a crypto chain. The result is that every change in any project is visible to its members and the trail cannot be manipulated.

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Storro uses the highest standards of encryption protocols and strives for the easiest implementation. Our encryption is threefold: securing connections between devices; enciphering files on your harddrive; and cryptographically enforcing rights management. All keys are generated locally, and solely in possession of the data owner(s).

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Files are automatically cut up into small pieces and stored spread out over a network of project members. Of course this is done redundantly, to ensure that all data pieces remain available, even when a data carrier is unavailable.

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Storro uses the power of peer-to-peer technology for communication between project members. This means there is no central database and no central point of failure. Storro’s storage capacity as well as the key management is fully distributed.

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Why is Storro the most secure file sharing solution?


Thanks to Storro’s robust peer-to-peer technology you can continue to collaborate locally with your peers, even when your servers are down or your entire internet connection is interrupted.

Mounted drive

Storro mounts a virtual encrypted drive on your system in which you can open, adapt and save files; protected at all times.

Fault tolerance

As Storro doesn’t limit the number of sytems/locations on which data is duplicated (redundantly), hardware failure doesn’t lead to loss of data.


By only communicating the data chuncks influenced by changes in a file, Storro has low overhead and costs less space on disc.


Every single data chunk in a project has copies stored at project members, so that the loss of a single data carrier does not affect continuity.

Version control

Thanks to a private blockchain per project and the standard Revision Control feature, one can return to every previous state in time of every file or entire project.

  • We use Storro as a simple and safe alternative to email when exchanging files with external parties. We chose Storro for the pleasant user interface, easy scalability, limited infrastructure deployment and cost-saving on some of our IT solutions.

    Marcel Boekhorst, CEO Signum Interfocus
  • I use both my own Office365 cloud and Storro for client projects. With Storro, I have more control over and trust in the storage of sensitive documents. I know exactly where these documents are stored securely; on the workplaces that I authorize myself. No longer sending unsecured email. And without complexity for the user. Storro will handle this for you. Great!”

    Rien Bosma, Bosma Consulting
  • Dropbox hack ‘affected 68 million users’ Source: BBC - Augustus 31, 2016

    Last week, Dropbox reset all passwords that had remained unchanged since mid-2012 “as a preventive measure”. In 2012, Dropbox had said hacks on “other websites” had affected customers who used their Dropbox password on other sites too. But now what purports to be the details of 68.6 million Dropbox accounts have emerged on hacker trading sites.

  • We use Storro for our projects with external partners, and it exceeds all expectations. The members of the various projects can work seamlessly with the various files needed for our projects, we control the versions and can see exactly what changes have been made.

    Gerben Klein Baltink, CEO Trefecta Mobility
  • Yahoo says 500 million accounts stolen
    Source: CNN - september 23, 2016

    Yahoo confirmed on Thursday data “associated with at least 500 million user accounts” have been stolen in what may be one of the largest cybersecurity breaches ever. The company said it believes a “state-sponsored actor” was behind the data breach, meaning an individual acting on behalf of a government.

  • Because we do not want to give away our business plans and research data, we sought software that keeps our data safe. Almost all “free” cloud providers impose the condition that they may use your data; which is something we do not want. After a long search we found Storro, and it feels good to have a supplier that offers good support.

    Michel Modderkolk, CEO UPWEGO
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  • Shell LiveWire Award
    Shell LiveWire Award

    Storro’s middleware ‘Secure Grid’ innovative entrepreneur program semi finalist

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    Startup of the Year 2017 finalist

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    3rd prize in the European Idea Challenge.

  • SBIR

    This SBIR project is co-funded by the Internal Security Fund of the European Union

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