Unrivaled security

Thanks to Storro’s unique mix of i.a. peer-to-peer and blockchain technology, your files are encrypted, cut into pieces and the fragments stored spread out over locations you trust.

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True privacy

With Storro your files only come into the hands of those for whom they are intended.

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Complete control

As you pick the only physical locations where the information is placed, you have control over who can access it.

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Guaranteed continuity

Because your information is stored spread over the network, redundantly, you won’t encounter server overloads

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Easy collaboration

With a few mouse clicks you easily create secure spaces to collaborate with colleagues and external parties.

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Always up-to-date

Storro automatically synchronizes your data across all locations. So you and your teams –both internally and externally- are always up-to-date.

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Complete transparency

Storro lets you see exactly how a file has been composed thanks to the Blockchain; who has changed what, and when.

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Keep it

No more lost files

Every version of every file remains available

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Customary working

Continue working the way you want

Storro works within your system’s familiar file structure.

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Auto backup

No additional back-up needed

Storro saves all versions of all files automatically

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Unlimited storing and sharing of data

Storro is ideal for working with large files such as video files, as doesn’t have a certain maximum file size limit. In fact, the maximum file size in Storro is determined by the available storage on the locations you share your files with.

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Carefree working

Using Storro immediately increases your information security, while taking work off your hands

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With Storro you are in control

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