Store and share files. Always protected.

Share and store with full control

Storro is an enterprise solution to store and share files securely. Our internationally awarded desktop application enables fast and easy collaboration, internally a well as externally, while your employees can simply stick to their workflow.

Storro’s automatic client side encryption, private blockchain audit trails, cryptographic user rights and a need-to-know structure greatly mitigates threats and facilitates compliance for anyone with access to your information. Therefore you can rest assured that your data is secure and completely private.

With Storro you can rest assured that your data is

always protected, even when sharing with partners.

For any type of confidential information

Storro is designed to support any type of confidential information, across industries. Think of personal data, medical files, financial information, legal dossiers, Intellectual Property/Research & Development data, and many more. Below a few examples of how the use of Storro is adding value in specific use cases.


When sharing designs, IP and planning data with your production partners, you are completely at the mercy of the physical and digital security measures at their end to keep your data secure.

With Storro your data is automatically encrypted during storage, transport and in use, so it’s protected at all times. Plus, you control exactly who gets (access to) the physical information, and with what user rights.

Furthermore, every change to a file is documented in a private blockchain audit trail, and you can go back to every previous version of a file, should mistakes have been made.

This way you remain in complete control.

Consultancy & financial services

Client’s are often weary of uploading confidential information to some third party data room or external infrastructure, as they lose comprehensive control over it. Storro gives you the option to work completely peer-to-peer as well, so there is no third party involved. Nor do they lose control: our software let’s you set up a secure collaboration space within seconds. And as the data is stored distributed, there is no single party holding a position of power.

Thanks to Storro’s private blockchain Audit Trail, every partner has a complete, transparent and irrefutable history of every action taken within the project.


Different agencies and departments often collaborate on confidential dossiers. This information should not be stored at (foreign) third parties, or even accessible by network administrators.
Storro makes it possible to communicate completely peer-to-peer, encrypted and not dependent on third party infrastructure. All with just a few mouse clicks.

Storro cannot access any information or keys, and has no backdoors. It is 100% Dutch owned.

Health care

When it concerns medical data, then security and privacy are of the utmost importance. But just as important is that authorized staff can work with it in a simple manner so the focus remains on patient care.

Storro’s unique design ensures that all data is encrypted automatically, so it’s protected at all times. By cutting the data in pieces and storing those spread out over several locations in The Netherlands, those places get neither complete nor readable information. This drastically reduces the chances of a damaging data breach. Cryptographically enforced user rights and a need-to-know information structure thwart manipulation and illicit access as to facilitate compliance and mitigate insider threats. Furthermore, patient records can be shared with applicable support staff in just a few clicks, without having to go through additional steps to consult and enrich the data.

This way Storro offers the flexibility of the public cloud, with the confidentiality of on-premises solutions.

Media & design

Thanks to Storro’s unique, compartmentalized workflow, working on (very) large files such as video’s 3D designs and technical drawings is simple and fast.

Files are loaded and edited locally in the protected, virtual disk that Storro mounts on your system. Modifications are synchronized with your storage locations in the background to avoid the latency traditionally associated with working on large files in the cloud.

Furthermore Storro offers the possibility to keep files available offline as well, so you can continue working without an internet connection. When you come back online, the changes are synced automatically.

As Storro only needs to sync the delta’s, it’s overhead is minimal and synchronization with your contacts is super fast. So you teams are always up to date and manual up- and downloading with every change is a thing of the past.

Retrieving new content and changes of others is extra swift because the encrypted data chunks can be downloaded from multiple locations simultaneously. This way Storro combines the highest level of confidentiality with limitless scalability and performance in the cloud.


Encrypted, decentralized workspaces in the cloud,
to share and store files with unparalleled security and privacy.

Storro Team
1-9 users


user/month (billed yearly)
€22,50 billed monthly

Storro Business
10+ user


user/month (billed yearly)
€18,75 billed monthly

No additional, variable costs. Billing is done in advance.

  • 500GB/user. With multiple users this is added up in your company realm
  • Collaborate with up to 5 external contacts per account. This will be added up in your company account
  • Data stored encrypted + distributed over ISO27001/NEN7510 certified data centers in the Netherlands
  • GDPR compliant with 3rd parties receiving neither complete nor readable data
  • Cryptographically enforced user rights
  • Transparent and robust private blockchain audit trails
  • Limitless revision control to compare/return to any previous version of files, folders and entire projects
  • Multi factor authentication
  • Syncing of existing file structures
  • Account recovery by Enterprise Admins
  • Offline and LAN access to selected files and folders
  • Remote wipe
  • Migration assistance
  • Employee training
  • Telephonic support

Getting started

Soon you will be able to roll out Storro in an easy four step process -regardless of your organization type, size or current IT infrastructure.

“We use Storro as a simple and safe alternative to e-mail when exchanging files with external parties. We chose Storro because of the pleasant user interface, easy scalability, limited dependency on an infrastructure and cost-saving on part of our IT solutions.”

Marcel Boekhorst, CEO Signum Interfocus

“For projects at clients, I use both my own Office365 cloud and Storro. With Storro I have more control over the storage location of sensitive documents. I know exactly where these documents are stored securely, namely at workplaces that I myself authorize. And I no longer need to use unsecured email. Storro arranges this for you. Great!”

Rien Bosma, Bosma Consulting

“We use Storro for our projects with external partners, and it exceeds all expectations. The members of the various projects can work together seamlessly on the various files that are needed for our projects, we keep control over the versions and can see exactly which changes have been made.”

Gerben Klein Baltink, CEO Trefecta Mobility

Start working securely today.

ISO 27001

Data is stored distributed over ISO27001 certified datacentres in the Netherlands.

Storro is a member of the Hague Security Delta.

Storro has received the H2020 seal of excellence by the European Commission.

ISO 27001

3rd parties get neither complete nor readable data, guaranteeing the privacy.