A new technology
for highly secure data storage

The cloud is great for storing large quantities of company data. But what if it concerns confidential information? Do you feel comfortable handing over details on employees, strategy and IP to some third party –where you have no real control over it?

Storro is a private blockchain application that ensures privacy and security of your data in the cloud. Thanks to its unique technology Storro combines the affordability and flexibility of public cloud with the protection and confidentiality of on-premises solutions.

Use Storro to secure your data in the cloud.

Decentralized, secure storage

How does it work? All files are automatically encrypted, cut into small pieces and stored spread out over multiple cloud storage providers. Thanks to this approach third parties (service providers, government agencies, malicious actors, etc.) can only obtain data that is neither complete nor readable.

Security and privacy

Files are encrypted locally, cut into tiny pieces and stored spread out over multiple locations. This way no third party gets complete -let alone readable-information. Even in case of a data breach at one of these locations or brute forcing of the encryption algorithm your data is still protected.

Up-time increase

The Storro storage locations can be set up in such a way that your data remains available even if one or a few of the cloud providers fail. By creating a RAID system across multiple cloud providers, you can continue to work in the sporadic event that a cloud service is (temporarily) unavailable.

Vendor independence

With Storro you pick the cloud providers over which your information is distributed. Changing suppliers is easy, giving you full flexibility over your set of data storage locations.

Cost efficiency

Thanks to Storro you can store your most sensitive data at affordable cloud locations whilst its security and privacy are ensured. No more large on-premises investments; pay only for what you use.

Blockchain guarantees

All user rights and data mutations are irrefutably captured
in a private blockchain –that is only open to you and the contacts you authorise. This cryptographic audit trail prevents abuse and manipulation.

The protection and confidentiality of on-premises

with the costs and flexibility of the cloud.

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