Everything you need to work securely and privately.

Thanks to innovative techniques such as automatic encryption, compartmentalization of data and distributed key management.

Secure shared folder with colleagues and external parties

To get the job done, one must collaborate with colleagues and external parties. This should of course go fast and easy, but not at the expense of security and privacy. With storro, you create secure environments with just a few clicks in which you can collaborate with business contacts on confidential files from start to finish.

Storro creates a virtual hard drive on your system in which you can simply open, modify and save files via your file browser. All files you place on this disk are automatically encrypted and cut into pieces. And if you have shared a specific folder with others, its content is automatically synchronized with those contacts you have authorized. Both the physical, encrypted data as well as the keys to it are only in the hands of the project members you designate and yourself. And the virtual disk, the shared folders and data in them become inaccessible when the Storro application is closed. This way your data remains secure, even in case of loss or theft of your workstation.

Full control over your data

Large files can be exchanged via a plethora of cloud services. But why entrust your data to some third party, where you have no control over it?

With Storro your data is not stored on servers in a cloud or with us, but it is exchanged directly (peer-to-peer) with the business contacts you designate. As a result no central component, such as a server, is needed in the architecture. In addition, all information is cut up and encrypted so that unauthorized users are prevented access to readable information. This way you can rest assured that your data is completely private.

Download link for contacts that don’t use Storro yet

With Storro’s Quickshare function you can easily create a download link to send to contacts that don’t use Storro yet. The physical data – which is encrypted and fragmented in Storro – can then be downloaded by the recipient of the link through a secure connection from you and your project members. This way you can rest assured that your information will only come into the hands of those for whom it is intended.

Security by design makes Storro unique

Storro’s components are designed to be highly resilient with a security that exceeds encryption alone.

More on Storro’s technology


  Storro Storro Dropbox Dropbox Box Box Microsoft OneDrive Microsoft OneDrive Google Drive Google Drive iCloud iCloud Spide Oak Spider Oak Storj Storj Resilio Sync Resilio Sync
Encrypted connections Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sandboxed file container Yes No No No No No No No No
Known storage location(s) Yes No No No No No No No Yes
Physical control over data Yes No No No No No No No No
Decentralised data Yes No No No No No No Yes Yes
No Patriot Act * Yes No No No No No Yes Yes No
No data scanning Yes No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Max. file size (GB) 10 5 10 5000 15

* Data does not fall under US legislation that requires transfer to the government.

We use Storro as a simple and safe alternative to e-mail when exchanging files with external parties. We chose Storro because of the pleasant user interface, easy scalability, limited dependency on an infrastructure and cost-saving on part of our IT solutions.
Marcel Boekhorst, CEO Signum Interfocus
For projects at clients, I use both my own Office365 cloud and Storro. With Storro I have more control over the storage location of sensitive documents. I know exactly where these documents are stored securely, namely at workplaces that I myself authorize. And I no longer need to use unsecured email. Storro arranges this for you. Great!
Rien Bosma, Bosma Consulting
We use Storro for our projects with external partners, and it exceeds all expectations. The members of the various projects can work together seamlessly on the various files that are needed for our projects, we keep control over the versions and can see exactly which changes have been made.
Gerben Klein Baltink, CEO Trefecta Mobility
Because we do not want to give away our business plan and research data, we were looking for software that keeps our data safe. Almost all ‘free’ cloud providers have their terms and conditions that they may use your data; something we do not want. After a long search we found Storro, and it feels good to have a supplier that offers good support.
Michel Modderkolk, CEO UPWEGO

Secure shared folders in just a few clicks

With a few clicks you can easily set up environments to work together.

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