About us

Storro is a young team of security specialists with a passion for innovative tech. We see technology as a means to increase trust, freedom and productivity. That’s why we develop secure-by-design software that is easy to use.

Being down-to-earth Dutchies, delivering a quality product is our top priority. But our quarterly outings, Friday afternoon drinks, well-stocked fridge and a healthy dose of office banter ensures that we also thoroughly enjoy what we do as a team.

This way of working has resulted in quite a few (inter)national awards from parties such as the Dutch Government, the European Commission, SXSW, EIT Digital, Fujitsu and Equinix.

If this no-nonsense but technically ground-breaking approach appeals to you, we would like to invite you for a cup of coffee at our office in Hengelo!


Storro’s founders have met at the University of Twente. Based on their technical expertise and the increasing number of cyber incidents in the news, a vision emerged to build software that’s secure and private by design, to give users complete control over their information.

In 2011, the team was voted one of the 50 most promising university startups worldwide and the prize was collected at the NASDAQ stock exchange in New York. Next, the team moved from a small attic to the top floor of the radar tower at the military secured site of Thales in Hengelo.

As the team growed and the application become more mature, our eye for innovation and quality did not go unnoticed by companies and institutions from the Netherlands and abroad.

Some of the highlights are:

  • Top 5 security and privacy scale-up world wide at the prestegious SXSW festival at Austin, Texas (2017)
  • Top 3 European security and privacy startup in the European Institute for Technology Digital Challenge in Trento, Italy (2015)
  • Winner Equinix shark tank (2016)
  • Top 50 most innovative European start-up and H2020 Seal of Excellence by the European Commission, Brussel (2017)
  • Winner Fujitsu World tour startup battle (2018)
  • Winner Dutch Government SBIR’s (2013 and 2017)

Sinds 2017 our office is located on the top floor of an office building a stone’s throw from Hengelo’s central train station.