C++ Software engineer

We are looking for a C++ engineer who is passionate about building secure and scalable systems. You will work with a small team of professionals on Storro. Storro is a user-friendly portable p2p file collaboration platform that can be described as a mix of Blockchain, Git, TrueCrypt and BitTorrent. In a nutshell, Storro offers users a writable file system with revision history that can be shared and auto-synchronized with other users on a fine-grained level. File metadata and content is signed, encrypted and deduplicated. Authorization checking is performed by a distributed access control list mechanism.
You may work on subjects like: distributed PKI ACL’s, p2p network infrastructure, distributed storage, trusted services, multi-factor authentications and iOS/Android. We offer a modern environment based on C++14, Qt and Gitlab on the major operating systems. You will:

We are a smart, ambitious, fun and hard-working group of technology minded people who share a desire to change the rules of cyber security through innovation.
Together we work to find simple solutions to complex problems in an ego-free environment. So far we have assembled a group of very talented, knowledgeable and friendly people and created the first version of Storro but that is only the beginning. If this sounds like an environment you would like to work in, come and meet us.

Skills and Requirements

Our ideal candidate:

We offer

Interested? Send your résumé and motivational letter before the 28th of April 2017 to: